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You Don't Have to Live With GI Issues

Reclaiming Your Gut Health and Vitality

Using the GI-MAP™ test and a tailored protocol, together we can heal your gut. A healthy gut leads to better sleep, more energy, balanced hormones, better nutrient absorption, and will help you look, feel, and perform your best.

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What is a GI-MAP™?

Unveiling the GI-MAP™: Your Gut's Comprehensive Blueprint

The GI Microbial Assay Plus (or GI-MAP™) test is a DNA-based stool test that analyzes your gut microbiome. This test analyzes the levels of both good and bad bacteria, parasites, viruses, worms, and fungi, as well as immune and digestive markers in your gut.

This “map” allows us to tailor a program that will help restore balance to the biome of your gut improving your digestion, mood, immunity, and overall body function.

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Courtney Bell

Registered Nurse

I know what it’s like to not feel good day in and day out, to struggle with chronic fatigue and poor quality sleep. I know how it feels to battle mood swings and have skin issues. I also know the pain of years of infertility. These were all things I fought every single day for far too long. GI Mapping helped me heal and optimize my gut, which in turn helped to balance my hormones, improve my digestion, increase absorption of critical nutrients, made my skin glow, gave me more energy, and ultimately played a part in helping me have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby girl!

Having worked in the ICU as a nurse for the last decade, I found myself frustrated and feeling like I wasn’t helping people get healthier. We were treating symptoms, not root causes. Now I help people heal from the inside out and there’s no going back for me!

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You're in the Right Place If You Experience Any of the Following:

Embark on a journey of understanding and healing with Intrinsic Body Wellness. We're not just about managing symptoms; we're about uncovering and addressing the root causes. Does any of the following resonate with you?

  1. Digestive Discomfort: Bloating, Gas, and Constipation

    Find relief from the discomfort of digestive issues. Explore how understanding your gut health can alleviate symptoms like bloating, gas, and constipation, bringing balance and well-being to your digestive system.

  2. Immune and Inflammatory Conditions: Autoimmune Disorders and IBS/IBD

    Navigate the complexities of your immune system. Discover the potential link between your gut health and conditions like Autoimmune Disorders and Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS/IBD), and take control of your well-being.

  3. Mental Clarity and Emotional Balance: Fatigue, Brain Fog, and Mood Disorders

    Reclaim your mental energy and emotional stability. Learn how the intricate connection between your gut and brain can impact your mental clarity, mood, and overall cognitive function, paving the way to a brighter, clearer you.

  4. External Manifestations of Internal Imbalance: Skin Issues and Hair Loss

    Reflect your inner health on the outside. Unravel how gut health can influence external conditions like acne, psoriasis, and even hair loss, and start your journey towards holistic health and radiant skin and hair.

  5. Hormonal Harmony and Metabolic Health: Hormonal Imbalances and Weight Management

    Harmonize your body’s natural rhythms. Dive into the interplay between your gut microbiome and hormonal balance, and understand its significant role in weight management and metabolic conditions like diabetes.

  6. Nutritional Well-being and Digestive Health: Food Sensitivities and Chronic Illness

    Nurture your body with personalized dietary care. Address food sensitivities, chronic digestive complaints, and persistent illnesses by gaining insights into your gut health, empowering you to make dietary choices that resonate with your body’s unique needs.

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Transforming Lives, One Gut at a Time

Experience transformative healing with Intrinsic Body Wellness. Your path to lasting well-being starts here, one journey at a time. Join us today

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Nurturing Wellness, One Step at a Time

Discover the power of wellness nurturing at Intrinsic Body Wellness. Experience revitalizing 1:1 care that sets you on the path to lasting health, one step at a time. 

Here's How We'll Heal your Gut:

The Five Rs: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair, and Rebalance

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Remove Pathogens

We work with natural herbs and oils to remove any symptom-causing pathogen. We also remove any foods or medications that may be disrupting gut health (this is always done in conjunction with your physician)⁠.

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Replacing Missing Elements

We support proper digestion during the protocol by replacing levels of enzymes or bacteria that may be missing⁠. This also typically includes replacing with supplements that support healing, reduction of inflammation and boost immunity.

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Probiotics & Prebiotics

We repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria by using the appropriate probiotics and prebiotics to make the gut health flourish and improve digestion. ⁠

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Long-Term Gut Healing

At this stage, we want to create an environment that supports gut-healing and long-term relief. Often times we have to repair the gut lining and the intestinal wall by using special tools. This means cellular repair within the gut wall and introducing key nutrients that improve the gut’s immune system.

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Manage Stress, Rest, Sleep, Exercise

A huge part of my protocols includes diet, stress management, sleep, and exercise suggestions to help the body heal as a whole. We know that gut health is affected intensely by stress alone. The personalized protocol I create for you takes your unique stressors into account and we create a plan to rebalance your lifestyle so you can prevent further GI dysfunction. ⁠

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Maria S.

maria s intrinsic body wellness testimonial

Courtney’s expertise and the GI-MAP™ test have been a game-changer for me. After years of struggling with fatigue and hormonal imbalances, I finally found a solution that worked. The tailored protocol, including essential oils and supplements, has made a world of difference. I feel like a new person!

John D.

john d intrinsic body wellness testimonial

I was skeptical at first, but the GI-MAP™ test and the support from Courtney and the team exceeded my expectations. The insights from the test helped me address underlying issues I didn’t even know existed. My skin has never looked better, and I’ve said goodbye to constant bloating. Thank you, Intrinsic Body Wellness!

Phyllis R.

phyllis r intrinsic body wellness testimonial

“I had been struggling with digestive issues for years, and nothing seemed to help. After taking the GI-MAP™ test and following the personalized protocol from Intrinsic Body Wellness, my life has completely changed. I now enjoy better digestion, increased energy, and a happier mood. This program is truly life-changing!”

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long do typical treatment protocols last?

    Most treatment protocols are designed to last between 3-4 months. However, the duration can vary significantly based on individual factors and responses. For some individuals, a staged approach to treatment is more suitable, extending the protocol to about six months. This adjustment is often necessary when a person does not tolerate rapid changes or to prevent adverse reactions from the die-off of harmful organisms. Essentially, the pace of the protocol is tailored to match each person’s unique needs and tolerance levels.

  • How will we connect?

    This practice is solely virtual. We will review your test(s) and recommended protocol via Zoom. It typically takes 75-90 minutes. Depending on the package you purchase, you will either have email or text access to Courtney.

  • How much will I spend on my protocol?

    Protocol length and complexity will vary from client to client based on your test results. However, the average spending is $400 – $600 per month, with the first month typically being the most expensive.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    I accept all major credit cards.

  • Does insurance cover any of the costs?

    I can not bill insurance. In my past experiences, most insurance did not cover it, though, and it seems to end up being more of a hassle for you as the patient.

  • What is the HTMA Profile 2 Test?

    The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Profile 2 tests a hair sample to assess mineral levels and heavy metal toxicity in the body. This non-invasive method offers valuable insights into your body’s mineral balance, encompassing essential minerals and potentially toxic elements. It provides a comprehensive overview of your nutritional status and any potential environmental exposures.

    The HTMA Profile 2 test helps guide personalized interventions, such as dietary changes and targeted supplementation, by identifying imbalances. These adjustments aim to optimize your mineral levels and reduce the effects of heavy metal toxicity. This test is particularly beneficial for individuals looking for a holistic understanding of their health and are interested in preventive care and developing effective wellness strategies.

    As the adage goes: TEST DON’T GUESS! The benefit to having all of these tests done is that they provide us with an in-depth, comprehensive overview of what’s going on in YOUR body; they give insight into upstream, root cause issues that are causing downstream imbalances and health problems. Without information, we can only guess. When you have the correct information, it can empower you to reclaim your health and improve the quality of your life!

  • What is the Comprehensive Wellness Panel Blood Test?

    The Comprehensive Wellness Panel is a thorough health assessment conducted through a blood test. It analyzes a wide range of biomarkers to provide an extensive overview of an individual’s overall health. This panel includes tests for crucial health indicators such as blood glucose levels, lipid profile, liver and kidney function, complete blood count, and markers for inflammation, among others. The primary aim of the Comprehensive Wellness Panel is to identify potential risk factors for various health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and kidney dysfunction.

    The results of this panel are instrumental in gaining a deep understanding of your current health status. This information allows us to develop personalized lifestyle recommendations to support and enhance your overall health. While these insights are valuable, it’s important to note that they do not constitute medical advice. We cannot use these results for medical diagnoses or treatment plans. We strongly encourage you to share all test results with your primary care provider to ensure comprehensive care and guidance.

  • What is the Stress and Hormone Profile Saliva Test?

    The Stress and Hormone Profile is a saliva test that offers a comprehensive evaluation of your hormonal balance and stress responses, which is crucial for understanding adrenal health. This diagnostic tool analyzes critical hormones, including cortisol, DHEA-S, testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone. These hormones play pivotal roles in the functioning of your adrenal glands and the broader endocrine system.

    By assessing these hormones, the test aims to uncover any imbalances contributing to stress-related symptoms, fatigue, disrupted circadian rhythms, and other health concerns. The insights gained from this test are invaluable in guiding us to develop targeted recommendations and personalized plans. Our goal is to restore hormonal equilibrium, thereby improving your overall well-being and addressing specific issues related to hormonal imbalances.

  • What is the Leap MRT 176 Food Sensitivity Test?

    The Leap MRT 176 is a sophisticated blood test designed to identify food sensitivities by measuring the release of proinflammatory mediators from white blood cells in response to various food antigens. This test differs significantly from traditional food-specific IgG tests, which can often be inaccurate. Instead, the Leap MRT focuses on the functional aspects of sensitivity pathways. By pinpointing the foods that trigger inflammation and those that are beneficial, this test provides a reliable method to tailor your diet to your body’s needs.

    Understanding which foods lead to inflammation is crucial in our collaborative effort to bring healing and balance to your body. This knowledge guides our customized dietary recommendations and can accelerate the healing process, helping you achieve optimal health more quickly.

  • What is the GI-MAP™ Test?

    The GI-MAP™ Test, or the GI Microbial Assay Plus, is a DNA-based stool test that analyzes your gut microbiome. It examines various aspects of gut health by analyzing the levels of beneficial and harmful bacteria and parasites, viruses, worms, and fungi. Additionally, it assesses immune and digestive markers in your gut.

    This comprehensive “map” of your gut’s ecosystem is crucial for us to develop a personalized program tailored to your specific needs. By understanding the balance of microorganisms in your gut, we can create strategies to enhance your digestion, mood, immunity, sleep quality, and overall body function to restore and maintain optimal gut health.

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