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Courtney Bell

Registered Nurse

I know what it’s like to not feel good day in and day out, to struggle with chronic fatigue and poor quality sleep. I know how it feels to battle mood swings and have skin issues. I also know the pain of years of infertility. These were all things I fought every single day for far too long. GI Mapping helped me heal and optimize my gut, which in turn helped to balance my hormones, improve my digestion, increase absorption of critical nutrients, made my skin glow, gave me more energy, and ultimately played a part in helping me have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby girl!

Having worked in the ICU as a nurse for the last decade, I found myself frustrated and feeling like I wasn’t helping people get healthier. We were treating symptoms, not root causes. Now I help people heal from the inside out and there’s no going back for me!

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