Elite Signature Concierge Bundle

Introducing the Elite Signature Concierge Bundle from Intrinsic Body Wellness. This comprehensive package is designed for those who seek an all-encompassing approach to health and wellness, utilizing advanced diagnostic tests and personalized support.

What’s Included in the Package:

  1. GI-MAP™ Test (Stool Test): A sophisticated test that provides a detailed analysis of your gut microbiome, essential for understanding your digestive health.
  2. Leap MRT 176 Food Sensitivity Test (Blood Test): This test identifies sensitivities to 176 different foods, helping you tailor your diet for optimal health.
  3. Stress & Hormone Profile (Saliva Test): An insightful test that evaluates your stress and hormone levels, offering a window into your body’s stress response and hormonal balance.
  4. Comprehensive Wellness Panel (Blood Test): A thorough assessment covering a wide range of health markers to give a complete overview of your overall health status.
  5. HTMA Profile 2 (Hair Sample): This test provides a detailed analysis of the mineral content and exposure to heavy metals in your body, essential for understanding your nutritional status and environmental exposures.
  6. 90-minute Consultation: A comprehensive session to review your test results, offering personalized recommendations and a clear understanding of your health status.
  7. Customized Initial Protocol Development: A tailored health protocol developed specifically for you based on your unique test results and health goals.
  8. Texting Check-in/Communication & Support: Ongoing support and guidance through text communication, ensuring you have continuous assistance throughout your wellness journey.
  9. Two Monthly 30-minute Video Check-Ins or One 60-minute Session: Regular virtual meetings with Courtney to track your progress, adjust your plan as needed, and provide consistent support.
  10. Customized Maintenance Protocol: A follow-up plan crafted to maintain and enhance the health gains achieved through the initial protocol.
  11. Discounted Consultation Rate: Benefit from reduced rates for continued consultations and support after completing your initial protocol, ensuring long-term care and guidance.

Note:  Supplement costs are NOT included in the package.

Benefits of the Elite Signature Concierge Bundle:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment: A full spectrum of advanced tests providing deep insights into your health status; identify areas of “upstream” imbalances that are causing “downstream” manifestations.
  • Personalized Health Strategy: Tailored protocols and recommendations based on your unique health profile.
  • Continuous Support: 1:1 guidance and frequent check-ins to ensure progress and adaptation of the plan as needed. The communication, support, and education you receive from Courtney directly with this package will help you have the smoothest and most successful experience possible.
  • Long-term Health Optimization: You will receive comprehensive strategies for maintaining and building upon your long-term health goals post-protocol.
  • Discounted ongoing support post-protocol: Intrinsic Body Wellness can be an ongoing resource in your health journey for a discounted cost.

Ideal For:

  • Individuals seeking a deep and comprehensive understanding of their health.
  • Those with specific health concerns or chronic conditions.
  • Anyone looking to make informed, personalized changes to their health and lifestyle.

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